Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What Happened to Kat?

For the past 10 months, I've been away from this blog. At some point, I forgot how relieving it was to be able to say whatever I felt like saying - whether it was a long rant or just a random thought. This is my space. MY territory. It's where I can be as expressive as I feel, without having anything I say held against me (not that that was ever a problem. Those who know me, know that I'm not easily intimidated).

So what have I been doing for the past 10 months?

I am happy to say that I am now a college graduate! After a lot of hard work and, if may say, a lot of restraint, I managed to get through with a degree and pretty damn good grades to back it up.

About two months after I graduated, I started working for a real company for the first time. It didn't turn out being as great as I had expected, and I don't mean this in the 'real world' sense. I had no idea how unethical a company could possibly be until I worked for the devil herself. Yes, everyone, the devil is a SHE. And that SHE was the most tactless, uneducated bitch I'd ever met. When God rained down manners, she was under a Jolly Jeep awning stuffing her excessively wrinkled face with turon.

So guess what? I quit - along with the other two new people. And still, two months later, the brainless hag still admits she needs us. I wonder if that ever crossed her mind when she bragged to her equally obese friends that we were useless and unnecessary. Take that Satan.

I celebrated my newly achieved unemployment with a vacation to Hong Kong, where I managed to buy nothing of use and learn that the Tagalog word for monkey means thank you to the local people of Hong Kong (unggoy!!!!!!!! ^o^). I believe that is the correct use of the word. Yay for me!

I realized how well unemployment suits me, as I had lots of time to go to the gym, play the brain-teasing (and almost educational) game of sudoku, and watch movies illegally online. Ah, that is how life should be.. Until cash runs out, at least... Coz that could be a problem..

So after two absolutely blissful months of being unemployed, I landed a job yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I actually deserve it coz I really have no idea how I managed to pass the exam. I doubt if it really has anything to do with my analytical abilities, coz I felt like I real idiot when I finished it. But to my surprise (or rather, extreme shock), I actually did well on the damn thing! And they hired me immediately! Imagine that?

My ego inflated to quite an enormous size, only later to be punctured by the realization that I would have to do things much more difficult than that freaking exam, and that their expectations for me would probably be far beyond what I can actually do. So I'm taking advantage of the week I have to read up on whatever I think I'll need. Hopefully I'll stick with this job, coz it seems like there's a lot I could learn from it.

Moving on to more exciting news, ROVAKA THE WONDERFUL has honored the Philippines with her presence after over a year of being lost to us. Haha! So yeah seriously, she's baaaaack!! And it's freaking awesome! Yay! Will post pictures later on!

And so that concludes my entry for today. Catch ya later ;)

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scheli said...

hahahah! UNGGOY!! ^___^v